A downloadable game

A breach in the lab! Security better get to the door and stop anything from escaping!

It's a defence game, but there's no end condition (let alone death)...

It's about guns, but there's only 3...


WASD to move

Space to switch weapon

Left mouse to fire

Mouse to aim

Made for the weekly game jam 90- radioactive but crammed in the last day of development (Daaaamn you procrastinatioooon)

Might be developed more, but i say that alot

Install instructions

Download, play, simples (Should be anyway...)


Breach Protocol.exe 4 MB


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This looks like a fun game! But this file is useless on my Mac, is it for windows only?

Ah sorry for the late reply!
Yeah at the moment it's only for Windows, i'll let you know if i figure out how to push a build for Mac!