A downloadable Awakening experience for Windows

Make no mistake,

This is a mixed concoction of a game inspired by Flappy Birds and Shooting Stars where you tap or press spacebar to pilot your chicken through space and around obstacles.

Made by one man, one free weekend, and a string of bad decisions.

After all of that I present to you, Clucky Bird.

You're welcome earth

--- Although if i have time i might come back to this and make it more palatable in the future.

Install instructions

There are two options to download,

Executable file -

(The easiest, but antivirus tends to frown upon exe's that aren't downloaded much)


Execute executable


Zipped folder -

(One extra step, but might work if the above does not)


Unzip folder

Go into folder and excecute executable



Clucky Bird V1 excecutable.exe 3 MB
Clucky Bird V1 zip.zip 4 MB

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